Our goal is to be the authoritative source for reliable, freely-available, industry-wide petroleum-related data. 

Since our establishment, we have steadily improved our data collection, processing and analysis capabilities to provide authoritative insight to stakeholders. Statistics clearly demonstrate there is a huge and growing demand for data.

We aim to be an innovator and a catalyst, helping industry, academia and the supply chain use digitalisation to unlock the huge value from data, whilst also providing excellent digital services to our stakeholders in support of regulatory excellence.

Data and Digital Strategy

The NSTA's Digital Strategy 2020-2025 describes how we will deliver, promote and influence digital excellence to support maximising economic recovery and the move to net zero carbon. The benefits of data and digitalisation can be enormous; indeed McKinsey has estimated that open data in oil and gas could enable $240 to $520 billion of value per year*. 

The NSTA’s ambition is to enable digital services that ensure digital, data and technology work for everyone. Over the five-year period of the strategy, the NSTA will:

  • Continue to build and embed a culture of digital excellence across industry
  • Develop and enhance public trust in open quality data and platforms
  • Unlock and exploit data value through advanced analytical tools
  • Collaborate, partner and assure so services to our key stakeholders continue to improve
  • Use its influence to unlock value from data and digitalisation

The NSTA will ensure full inclusion and workforce engagement at every level so digitalisation is embraced across the exploration, production and decommissioning lifecycle.

This strategy builds upon the 2016 NSTA Information Management Strategy, many components of which have now been delivered – such as the UK National Data Repository (NDR), the overhaul of data regulations and a range of significantly improved and powerful NSTA digital services, including our Open Data Centre.

(* McKinsey and Company, Open data: unlocking innovation and performance with liquid information, October 2013)

These videos help articulate this vision. 

The UK government’s Digital Strategy 2017 states that:

“Analysis predicts that data will benefit the UK economy by up to £241 billion between 2015 and 2020. We therefore must ensure businesses and government are able to use data in innovative and effective ways. This includes creating a strong data infrastructure, having a high level of regulatory compliance, developing a data-literate workforce, and increasing the number of people with advanced
data skills.”

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