We are an organisation of approximately 220 staff, headquartered in Aberdeen with another office in London.

Our aim is to create a diverse, high-performing team and to be a great place to work, where employees are supported to develop their capability, in an organisation with simple processes and systems.

Our skills, expertise and structure reflect our role to ensure the economic recovery of the UK’s indigenous oil and gas supplies, whilst also supporting the move to net zero carbon by 2050.

From geoscientists and petroleum engineers, to commercial specialists and policy experts, our people come from a wide range of background and sectors. 

Our key directorates

Led by Tom Wheeler, Director of Operations, this directorate is responsible for the overall stewardship of oil and gas exploration and production on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS). It oversees the asset stewardship process, development of area plans and the use of technology on the UKCS, working closely with operators and licensees to ensure economic recovery, whilst also supporting the move to net zero carbon by 2050.

Led by Jane de Lozey, Director of Regulation, this directorate is responsible for the effective licensing of the UK’s offshore and onshore oil and gas resources, and manages the consenting process for offshore exploration and production activities. It also oversees the NSTA’s use of the regulatory powers and sanctions it has to support economic recovery and the drive to net zero carbon by 2050, and the process for resolving disputes on the UKCS. 

Led by Hedvig LjungerudDirector of Strategy, this directorate is responsible for the development of policy and economic analysis in support of economic recovery, whilst supporting the drive to net zero carbon by 2050. It oversees the Authority’s communication and external affairs activities, working closely with government, the industry and wider stakeholders. It also oversees planning, performance and reporting within the NSTA.

Led by Pauline Innes, Director of Supply Chain and Decommissioning this directorate is responsible for the NSTA’s activities in support of decommissioning and he leads our work with the UK service sector.

Led by Nic Granger, Director of Corporate and Chief Financial Officer, this directorate is responsible for providing services, data, information and digital solutions to enable and support strategic decisions including finance, digital, data & technology services, facilities management, procurement and contract management. 

Led by Andy Brooks, Director of New Ventures this Directorate is responsible for creating the conditions for future success of the UK in energy security, carbon storage and adoption of new technology. It has accountability for developing the future oil and gas energy supply opportunities for the UK, for licencing all oil and gas exploration and carbon storage activities as well as structuring the integration of these energy systems with hydrogen and offshore wind.

Led by Dr Russell Richardson, General Counsel and Company Secretary, this directorate has full responsibility and accountability for the NSTA's legal advice, governance, litigation and project support to respond to the priorities of the organisation.

Led by Suzanne Lilley, Head of Human Resources, this directorate has full responsibility and accountability for the NSTA's human resource function and ensuring the NSTA continues to be a Great Place to Work.

Details about our Board of Directors can be found here

Created in 2015 as one of the key recommendations from Sir Ian Wood’s review of the UK’s oil and gas industry, the NSTA is an independent regulator accountable for exploration and development decisions in the UK, and focused on maximising economic recovery whilst supporting the government’s net zero goals.