Recruitment into the NSTA is underpinned by three key principles, therefore appointments will be made on the following basis:

  • The NSTA will seek to recruit and develop the talent it needs to fulfil our statutory duties to the industry and as a UK Public Body. We target internal or external markets as appropriate.
  • We are committed to recruiting in line with our values, legislation and best practice. We know that a truly diverse workforce is crucial for the NSTA, and work to ensure any barriers to genuinely open and fair selection are removed.
  • As part of our commitment to developing internal talent, and ensuring succession capability, we will, by exception, utilise managed moves.

You will be asked during the application process to provide examples that demonstrate your skills and abilities against the specified competencies and specialist skills, as stated in the Job Profile.  The maximum word count for each competence is 250 words and you should use the STAR methodology. 

Please click on the diagram below to learn more about STAR methodology.