I am a Senior Geoscientist in the UK Carbon Transportation and Storage Team. I joined in May 2022 after spending many years working in industry.

Ian BarronI am really excited to be working here; very much still in awe that I am involved in regulating a new industry, one that is very important in supporting and facilitating the energy transition. 

I became aware of the importance of the energy transition while I was working in my previous role and when I saw the advert for the job at the NSTA, and realised that the role would be heavily involved in carbon storage and the energy transition, I decided to apply. 

I found it easy to slot in right away. Initially I was concerned that my lack of experience as a Regulator would be a problem, but my line manager assured me that I’d been hired for my experience and what I do know and that I could pick up the rest; that’s absolutely turned out to be the case. 

Drawing on my previous experience in my job at the NSTA, I apply that existing knowledge in a new way – I sometimes think of myself as a poacher turned gamekeeper. 

I wondered about the culture, whether I would fit into the new way of working, but that hasn’t been a problem at all. Colleagues have been welcoming and very happy to help and I enjoy working with them very much, sharing knowledge and experience. 

I really value the time I spend in the office working face-to-face with colleagues and having those important ‘watercooler conversations’ that make you feel part of the organisation and often provide a solution to a problem, but I also enjoy the opportunity to focus that working from home gives me. 

The NSTA has got it about right in that respect, and the respect and trust that employees are given is also a plus. I feel part of the decision-making process, have a voice that is valued and listened-to and the decisions I reach in my role are felt further up the process. As an individual I feel that I matter.