Shane BuchanShane Buchan 
Data Analyst PPR (Planning Performance and Reporting Team) 
Joined NSTA: April 2022 

I never intended to be a data analyst, my academic qualifications were in totally different fields but now I’m doing it I really like it and I want to carry on doing it. 

I was hired during covid and it was my first job out of university. 

I applied because I like the public sector, I like the stability and security and the work around securing the energy transition sounded interesting. 

It would be fair to say that I really wasn’t much use at first. I didn’t really know what to do but my team welcomed and supported me. 

My input was respected, my ideas listened to and the skills I did have were increasingly used. And there was training. The NSTA is really good about training – if you ask and they can see that there may be some use in it, it will be agreed. 

It’s a small thing, but I’m colour blind and shortly after I started the Team was reviewing a document and I said I couldn’t read it easily because of the colours. They immediately took that on board and redesigned it for greater accessibility. I think that shows how eager the Team is to respect everyone in and out of the organisation. 

Curiosity is encouraged 

Now I feel like I play an important part in producing work that is valuable for the organisation and the industry and I have a sense of pride in doing that. The culture contributes to that as well. Anyone can ask anyone a question. It doesn’t matter who they are, they’ll take the time to talk to you. 

Curiosity is encouraged, as is offering ideas and opinions. 

Sometimes when a big project is on you feel a bit of pressure and work a bit longer, but that’s good - you feel part of something important and managers are really good about making sure you get the time back at less busy times. 

I feel very loyal to my team and to the NSTA. I don’t fixate on the future, but I’m happy here and my dream is to become a Senior Analyst.