Decommissioning of the UK’s offshore oil and gas production facilities is a major industrial challenge which can create global competitive advantage for the UK.

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What we do


What we do


The NSTA is a statutory consultee in Decommissioning for cost minimisation and...



We have identified four strategic priorities in support of the goal of reducing...

Cost Estimate

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The NSTA has a target to achieve a 35% cost reduction in decommissioning costs...

Well Decommissioning


The NSTA is the regulatory authority for well activity including decommissioning

Decommissioning and Repurposing Taskforce


The Task Force works to establish a respected, stable and sustainable...


Benchmarking 1

The annual benchmarking report provides comparison data which benchmarks a wide...

UKCS Suspended Wells

Suspended wells

Wells must be decommissioned in a timely and cost-efficient way,

Decommissioning Data Visibility Dashboard

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Find out about provisional schedules for decommissioning projects.

SDC Infrastructure

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New project to spark commercial transformation in subsea decommissioning