Our focus is to ensure that fields are managed to ensure economic recovery of hydrocarbons, whilst supporting the drive to net zero carbon by 2050, in line with individual field development plans.

Our asset stewardship strategy sets out our expectations for the management of assets across the oil and gas lifecycle. Operators are required to prepare, on behalf of all the licensees, annual returns summarising key aspects of the field’s performance. Operators must agree monthly production reporting requirements with the NSTA.

It is our policy that gas associated with oil production should be saved and that gas flaring during commissioning should be kept to the lowest possible level consistent with the safe and efficient commissioning of the plant.

Operators require consent for the flaring and venting of hydrocarbons during production operations. Operators also need to submit Pipeline Works Authorisations (PWAs) for any work on subsea pipelines.

If formal revisions to the approved field development plan are required, a process similar to that for FDP approval will be followed.