In March 2020, the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) commissioned four studies to investigate seismicity resulting from the Preston New Road 2 (PNR2) hydraulic fracturing operations. The purpose of these studies was to repeat the scientific analysis previously commissioned on the data collected from the hydraulic fracturing operations on the Preston New Road 1Z (PNR1Z) well with the recently acquired PNR2 data. A summary report from the NSTA gives an overview of these studies, a background into the operations at Preston New Road, and reviews the conclusions from both PNR1Z and PNR2 datasets.

Preston New Road – PNR2 well - Operations Data 

Under the NSTA’s licensing regulations we are committed to publishing the data from hydraulic fracturing operations, to promote best practice and lessons learned. The data includes micro seismic event data, pumping data, produced water summary, screen shots of the hydraulic fracturing operations, and the final hydraulic fracture report:

Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Images

Pumping Data

Daily Water Summary

Hydraulic Fracture Plan Report

Deviation Survey

Microseismic Event data