The NSTA regulates and influences the UK’s oil, gas and carbon storage industries to ensure the economic recovery of oil and gas and meet the 2050 net zero emissions target set by the Secretary of State.

The Supply Chain and Exports Strategy seeks to ensure that the UK oil and gas supply chain is well placed to quickly adapt its skills and technologies to deliver the full range of UKCS activity.

This includes executing new energy projects in a cost-effective way and accelerating the UK's transition to net zero. Doing so will further reinforce the UK’s reputation as a world leader in offshore project execution. ​

The NSTA will work with industry, governments and trade associations to facilitate and promote effective collaboration with the supply chain with a view to meeting the voluntary commitments outlined in the North Sea Transition Deal, and developing a globally competitive, capable and innovative supply chain. ​

These objectives are driven through the NSTA Stewardship Expectation 12, Supply Chain Action Plans (SCAPS), Energy Pathfinder, and formal supply chain stewardship reviews with operators.

How we support the supply chain

How We Supply Chain

Stewardship Expectation 12

In line with NSTA Stewardship Expectation 12: Supply Chain Collaboration and Cooperation, relevant persons should:​

  • Act reasonably and fairly in all aspects of supply chain engagement;​
  • Pursue value-adding contracting strategies; ​
  • Promoting these same expectations to their wider supply chain (of any tier); and ​
  • Adhere to standard 30-day-payment terms.​
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Supply Chain Action Plans

SCAPs were introduced in 2018 to provide evidence that operators are deriving maximum value from UKCS project activity and are well positioned to deliver on their Field Development Plan and/or Decommissioning Programme commitments. SCAPs enable operators to highlight how they intend to contribute towards total value add through fair and open engagement with their supply chain and provide evidence of robust invitation to tender assessment processes.

Supply Chain Action Plans Cover

Energy Pathfinder

Energy Pathfinder (previously known as Oil & Gas Pathfinder) provides real-time visibility of activity for new UKCS oil and gas field developments, decommissioning and energy transition projects, for example, carbon capture and storage. Information published on the portal gives the supply chain the opportunity to share solutions to aid project delivery. Pathfinder is also used to advertise forward work plans focused on upcoming operations and maintenance activity.

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Stewardship tiered review guidance

The NSTA holds periodic tier reviews with operators' contracting and procurement teams so that it can better understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in UKCS contracting processes. Tier reviews also provide a forum for feedback on operator performance against Stewardship Expectation 12.

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