We will continue to undertake pro-active, structured and prioritised stewardship reviews with operators and licensees based on intelligence gathered, prioritising those with the greatest impact on economic recovery and support the drive to net zero carbon by 2050.

The broader scope of oil and gas lifecycle asset stewardship, coupled with the increased capacity within the NSTA, requires a structured, informed and prioritised approach using the improved asset stewardship information, data and tools at its disposal.

It is not possible for the NSTA, or the industry, to conduct stewardship reviews for every asset in the UKCS across the lifecycle, therefore prioritisation is essential to focus on issues presenting the greatest stewardship impact. This will be based on delivery performance of the stewardship expectations, benchmarks and output from analysis of the UKCS Stewardship Survey.

We will take a structured, tiered approach to stewardship reviews, which will enable the NSTA to share best practices, identify areas of performance and ultimately to consider whether or not the licensees are complying with their obligations under the Strategy.