We regulate, encourage and influence the UK’s oil and gas industry to ensure the economic recovery of oil and gas and to meet the net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 target set by the Secretary of State.

UKCS operations are served by a world-class UK supply chain, with skilled jobs and a significant turnover peaking at almost £40 billion in 2013 (approximately 40% of which is generated through exports) making a sizeable contribution to the UK’s balance of trade. 

While the NSTA does not regulate the service sector, a strong supply chain is essential to increase the overall value of the sector. In pursuit of this we will continue to work collaboratively with the industry, governments and trade associations to support and develop a stronger supply chain, which can compete globally. This will involve growing exports and reducing imports while anchoring activities and expertise in the UK and further developing the UK as a centre of excellence. 

The revised OGA strategy document introduces collaboration between relevant persons where operators are expected to work collaboratively with the Supply Chain. This new requirement has been reinforced through the introduction of the Supply Chain Expectations which set out a suite of enabling recommendations to ensure the best framework for collaborative engagement with the Supply Chain which builds upon the SC Tier 2 review process that has been introduced.

Harnessing the skills and expertise of the supply chain is also vital in supporting the energy transition. They will supply the technology and innovation that will enable Operators and others to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG), while still ensuring economic recovery from the UKCS.

Our clear vision is to establish the UK offshore supply chain, by 2025, as a specialist engineering, manufacturing, services and technology sector to support the energy transition and secure the UK as a global exporter of expertise in net zero activities, subsea, decommissioning & digital in addition to providing the resources and technologies to fully realise the economic recovery vision

  • Building on the existing supply chain skills to deliver energy transition projects
  • Establishing first mover capability in energy transition which can then be exported globally

A supply chain strategy has been developed which sets the framework for change and provides clear direction to achieve the best overall outcome from the UKCS.

The role of the NSTA supply chain team is to promote and strengthen the supply chain and exports and focus on developing a strong and competitive UK based oil and gas sector. In addition to supporting and directing the Supply Chain & Exports Task Force, the team’s role is output focused ensuring value creation initiatives are delivered.

The Energy Pathfinder provides information to the Oil & Gas industry on future work and opportunities in the UKCS covering all energy CAPEX activity. In addition, OPEX opportunities will be uploaded on the pathfinder.

The NSTA is also working with Achilles to refresh the live Forward Workplan (a database where industry buyers upload info on upcoming tenders). This system complements the NSTA's Pathfinder which has info on UKCS projects for new field development and decommissioning.

Collective Thinking Example – Hackathon Report

Operators and supply chain working together to reduce the costs of well decommissioning

Policy Position - UK content in offshore oil and gas projects

Policy Position - UK content on offshore oil and gas projects

From time to time, should a specific need arise, the NSTA will publish policy positions. These are brief statements to set out or clarify the NSTA’s objectives and considerations in relation to a specific issue.