Field development plans

Under the model clauses applicable to a seaward production licence, licensees require the NSTA’s consent to erect or carry out permanent works for the purpose of getting or conveying petroleum from a licensed area, or get petroleum from such an area. Such consent is referred to as a 'Development and Production Consent'.

When considering whether to consent to a field development, the NSTA will amongst other things, assess whether the proposed project accords with the obligations set out in the NSTA Strategy, and whether the development methods proposed comply with good oilfield practice.

Process for offshore oil and gas field development plans

Field Development Plan (FDP) Guidance

Guidance on the content of a Field Development Plan (FDP) document.

In addition please see this note on carbon valuation methodology which sets out information and assumptions for valuing the societal impacts of greenhouse gas emissions for appraisal purposes.

Field Development Plan letter of application

Board letter pro-forma

Supply Chain Action Plan guidance

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The NSTA considers the economics of field and incremental developments as part of the assessment of field development plans. Operators should complete a Standard Economics Template (SET) spreadsheet to assist the NSTA in this process.

View further guidance for onshore oil and gas fields, gas storage development plans and gas unloading development plans.