Petroleum operations notices



PON 3 Damage to submarine telecommunications cables and plant
PON 4 Application for consent to drill; now withdrawn.  See WONS guidance
PON 5 Application to abandon or temporarily abandon a well; now withdrawn.  See WONS guidance
PON 6 Measurement of petroleum
PON 7 Reporting of petroleum production
PON 8 Application to complete and/or workover a well; now withdrawn.  See WONS guidance
PON 9 Information and sample requirements for offshore surveys and wells under seaward licence terms
PON 9b Record and sample requirements for onshore surveys and wells
PON 12 Well numbering system
PON 13 Applications for consent to drill or re-enter HP/HT exploration and appraisal wells; now withdrawn. See WONS guidance
PON 14b Notification of intention to carry out onshore landward) geophysical surveys; 


The information previously submitted through PONs 4, 5, 8 and 13 is now submitted through the Energy Portal via the Well Operations Notification System (WONS).

Guidance on the use of the Energy Portal and WONS

Guidance on the legislative requirements for consent to drill and conduct other activities on a well