Petroleum e-business assignments and relinquishment system (PEARS)

Petroleum e-business assignments and relinquishment system (PEARS) is the part of the Energy Portal that handles:

  • Licence assignments
  • Operator approvals
  • Equity interest changes (including field interests and management of subareas)
  • Licence administrator changes
  • Licence relinquishment
  • Surrenders of acreage
  • Data confirmations and corrections

PEARS provides both security and ease of use by enabling licensees to deal with casework for their offshore Production Licences without the need for paper documents. At present it handles offshore production licences only (those with the prefix ‘P’).

To use PEARS you need a Portal account, to obtain an account follow the PEARS user guidance document below.

Once you have an account, you will see a new link (Licensing Portal PEARS) on the left-hand sidebar when you enter the Portal, and clicking this link will take you into PEARS.

If you need access because a registered user has added you to a case-processing team, and you already have an account, you will now be able to access the case (but nothing else in PEARS).


General Contact

UK Energy Portal Support Line
Telephone: 0300 067 1682

PEARS overview

PEARS is the NSTA’s portal-based licence administration system. It was designed to make the administration of the NSTA’s Petroleum Production Licences more efficient for industry as well as for the NSTA, and to raise the confidence that can be reposed in the NSTA’s records, whilst continuing to provide accustomed levels of security and confidentiality.

PEARS handles applications for new offshore and onshore production licences (those with either of the prefixes ‘P’ or ‘PEDL’). It is only made available during a licensing opportunity (usually a Licensing Round, occasionally an Out-of-Round invitation).

The PEARS screens are designed to act as a wizard, guiding the user through the process of applying for NSTA consent to various types of transaction.

PEARS Documents