The development phase of the oil and gas life cycle covers the period after an economic discovery has been made and details the processes required to take the discovery up to, but before, the production phase. 

This is covered by the NSTA's field development plan (FDP) process. This covers the Assessment and Authorisation Phases.  Concept Select Documentation is submitted to the NSTA during the Assessment Phase for their review. The project will then move into the Authorisation Phase where an approved field development plan is required before any new field or any significant extension of an existing field can be developed.   

During the assessment and authorise phases, the NSTA will amongst other things check to ensure that the developments align with the central obligations in the OGA Strategy published in 2021, which places obligations on relevant persons to take the steps necessary to secure that the maximum value of economically recoverable petroleum is recovered from the strata beneath relevant UK waters, and to take appropriate steps to assist the Secretary of State in meeting the net zero target. 

The NSTA has developed Area Plans to consider developments, and their infrastructure, holistically rather than on an individual basis, and help to make sure that barriers to regional development are removed and critical infrastructure hubs are protected. 

EOR and the use of technology can play a significant role in maximising economic recovery from the UKCS by increasing the volume of recovery, extending field life, creating and maintaining jobs, help stimulate field redevelopments and defer decommissioning activities. These two areas should be reviewed in detail during the Assessment and Authorisation Phases