The Shale Environmental Regulator Group (SERG), was launched on 5 October 2018, and brought the onshore oil and gas regulators (Environment AgencyHealth and Safety Executive and the North Sea Transition Authority) together as a virtual regulatory group for the environmental aspects of shale gas exploration and production.

Due to the current government moratorium on issuing hydraulic fracturing consents the SERG is in abeyance. In the past the SERG’s responsibilities included:

  • acting as a single face for local communities, local authorities and industry;
  • providing transparency and clarity to the public;
  • helping resolve regulatory issues; and
  • sharing best practice with local authorities considering shale gas applications.

More information on how the SERG regulated the environmental aspects of shale gas exploration and production can be found in the SERG working together agreement and here.

To contact the SERG please email: