Under SE08, operators submit information on technologies deployed on their license(s) in the previous 12 months, historical and forecast spend on technology along with their documented company Technology Plan as part of the annual NSTA Stewardship Survey.

Pie Chart Technology table

Technology survey submissions by operator type
(total = 70)

Technology Plans identify

  • Operators’ technology needs by asset
  • Deployment of existing and emerging technologies
  • R&D efforts to close technology gaps

The NSTA reviews the Technology Plans, technology deployment and budget information, discussing specific questions and observations with individual operators

Please access the latest Technology Insights report at this link  Technology Insights 2022 – Summary findings (nstauthority.co.uk)

NSTA analysis of the operator submissions and comparison with prior year’s findings provides a UKCS-wide overview of current operator practice

  • The deployment and technology plan content is consolidated into eight technology categories for further analysis, highlighting application examples, deployment opportunities and/or technology gaps:
  • Areas where technology knowledge and experience can be further shared to build industry confidence in solutions and promote deployment
  • Opportunities to further employ technologies available through the Supply Chain solutions
  • Maturation of emerging technology concepts with support from industry bodies such as the Net Zero Technology Centre and other collaborative efforts (JIPs, vendor-operator partnerships)
  • Sector “Needs” on which to focus R&D efforts to strengthen the industry technology portfolio in critical areas

We expect the industry to use the information in this Website to help screening and selecting the most appropriate technologies for deployment and support development and maturation of new solutions

Any comments or feedback on the web pages should be sent to technologyinsights@nstauthority.co.uk

Please find PDFs of the previous Technology Insights at this link


The technologies referred to in this report are for illustrative purposes only and other technologies may be available. The NSTA does not directly or indirectly endorse, recommend or guarantee any entity, product or technology referred to in this report.